Long Form Videos (VHS)

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Worldvision Home Video V-6002 (US, 10/31/86 - Clamshell)
Worldvision Home Video 9089 (US, 4/88)
THG/Cic-Taft Video VHB-60071 (Australia, 1988)
Hendring/Castle Communications HEN-2063 (UK, 1986)
Castle/Hendring-BMG 743-21-441643 (Germany, 1986)
Eagle Rock Entertainment/BMG 743-21-441643 (Germany, 19??)
Freedom/Worldvision 48CH-501 (Japan, 1986)


Executive Producer Joseph Barbera, Produced by Terry Morse, Jr. and Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc. Directed by Gordon Hessler. Filmed at Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA, May - June 1978. Live segments filmed at Magic Mountain on May 19, 1978. Mad Scientist played by Anthony Zerba. Features a song called "Rip And Destroy which is "Hotter Than Hell" with different lyrics. The movie premiered on October 28, 1978 on NBC-TV gaining massive viewing ratings. The Taft Broadcasting Company, who owned the rights to the movie, formed a subsidiary entity, Worldvision Home Video, Inc., in late-1981 specifically to leverage their large catalog of titles into the emerging home video market. It took a few years for the release to come to market. Original list prices was $59.95, but later versions were substantially cheaper.

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UK clamshell cover
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