Long Form Videos (VHS)

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PolyGram Video 041489/080101 (US, 5/18/86)
Channel-5/PolyGram Video 041489-2 (UK)


01. Who Wants To Be Lonely (Video, 1986)
02. Uh! All Night (Video, 1986)
03. I Love It Loud (Live, 1983 - Rio De Janerio, Brazil)
04. Deuce (Live, 11/24/74 - San Francisco, CA)
05. Strutter (Live, 1976 - Houston)
06. Beth (Live, 9/77 -Houston)
07. Detroit Rock City (Live, 1980 - Australia)
08. Tears Are Falling (Video, 1985)
09. Lick It Up (Video, 1983)
10. All Hell's Breakin' Loose (Video, 1984)
11. I Love It Loud (Video, 1982)
12. I Stole Your Love (Live, 9/77 - Houston)
13. Heaven's On Fire (Video, 1984)
14. Ladies' Room (Live, 9/77 - Houston)
15. Rock And Roll All Nite (Live, 1980 - Australia)
16. Black Diamond (Live, 1983 - Brazil)


Produed by Len Epand and Mark Freedman. Directed by Claude Borenzweig. Compilation of videos and rare live performances mixed interspaced with an goofy interviewer a monkey and plenty of half-dressed women! Filmed at Grey Hall, Beverly Hills, CA. This video was originally titled "KISS & Tell," and was scheduled to be debuted at Billboard's 8th Annual Video Music Conference in Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 20-22, 1986 (Billboard, 10/25/86). Original list prices was $29.95.

Chart Action:

Chart Peak (USA): #2 (7/4/1987) with 39 weeks on charts. Other countries:


USA: "KISS eXposed" was certified Gold by the RIAA on 7/23/1987 and Platinum on 10/1/1987.


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