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Since I Fell For You (Sounds of Soul, 1967)

Buddy Johnson

A cover recorded by the Peter's band, Sounds Of Soul, sometime during the 1967/8 period, and probably representative of the sort of material the band was performing at the time. All three of these songs were recorded on single-sided 10" acetate from Gotham Recording Corporation in New York City. A second single-sided 10" from the same period included three originals by the band - that material does not circulate. Sounds of Soul was the band that Peter had quit the Barracudas to join during the middle of 1967.

"Since I Fell For You" was written by Buddy Johnson for his jazz orchestra in 1945 and was a originally a hit for Lenny Welch in 1963, reaching #4 on the US singles charts. It had been recorded by numerous artists including Dinah Washington (1947), Eartha Kitt (1950), and The Rascals (1967).

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