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Chicken/No Use

Carlos Cancel

Note: Not confirmed to include Peter Criss on drums, though it's the same band he was in that issued a single in January 1967...

A second single from The Barracudas was released in late 1967 or early 1968 on Delite Records (DE-502). Both of these songs were also written by Carlos Cancel providing a link of sorts with the first Barracudas single. Like the first single, both songs were arranged by Ted Eddy and produced by Morty Craft. It is possible that all four of the Barracudas' songs were recorded around the same time, but released in a disjointed manner, though Peter has suggested that he had nothing to do with these recordings.

Both Delite, and the earlier MFT Records, were small-scale local Brooklyn labels at the time, though Delite became much bigger, as home of Kool & The Gang, and eventually became part of PolyGram Records. An important caveat: When asked about this single, Lydia didn't recall the titles or remember anything about it. However, since Lydia has already confirmed the first Barracudas single as having Peter involvement, it seems beyond reasonable doubt that this single is by the same band, but most likely after Peter departed.

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