Ace Frehley Discovers A Spider And A Drummer

By Tim McPhate

Recounting the Spaceman's first encounter with Anton Fig's band Spider...

The following is an excerpt of an article on drummer Anton Fig's '80s pop/rock band Spider, taken from Classic Rock Presents AOR (Issue No. 6). Spider consisted off Fig (drums), Amanda Blue (vocals), Holly Knight (keyboards/vocals -- Knight would later enjoy a career as a successful songwriter, co-writing "Hide Your Heart" with Paul Stanley, among other songs), Keith Lentin (guitar), and Jimmy Lowell (bass). "Discovered" by Frehley and managed by Bill Aucoin, the band released their self-titled debut album in 1980, reaching No. 130 on the Billboard 200 and spawning the Top 40 hit "New Romance (It's A Mystery)." Spider released one additional album, 1981's "Between The Lines," before dissolving. Fig would later join Frehley's Comet and segue into the drum chair with the house band for "Late Night With David Letterman."

Initially going by the name of Siren, the group gained a hugely influential supporter in KISS guitarist Ace Frehley, then looking for a drummer for his first solo LP. "Eddie Kramer had expressed in producing us," recalls Keith Lentin [Spider guitarist]. "He was about to do Ace's [1978] album. There was a possibility of Ace doing a song of ours called "Live My Way," written by Amanda [Blue] and myself. He ended up not doing the song, but asked Anton to drum on the record. He became a friend, and introduced us to Bill Aucoin. Ace even designed the Siren logo before we changed the name to [Spider]. It was really great and we were regretful that we couldn't use it."

Frehley wasn't the only member of KISS to show great support for Spider, as Siren soon became known: both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were also fans. "Ace is a very good friend, amazing fun to hang out with and with a lovely heart," laughs Amanda. "He discovered Spider. He came down to see us at CBGB's and brought along the rest of the guys." The management deal with Bill Aucoin led the group to becoming the first [act] signing to the Dreamland label.