Unfinished John Corabi Biography

John Nicholas Corabi was born April 26, 1959, in Philadelphia, PA. "raised by his two conservative parents of Italian descent. After being the first born, he was followed by sisters Anna and Janet, then brothers Nicholas and Todd. One day when he was 9 years old, his Mum pointed out The Beatles to him on TV and he thought they were awesome. He then gets a Sears and Roebuck guitar - his first. One of the first concerts he attends is the KISS Alive tour. Influenced by Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Humble Pie and Deep Purple, he plays with many different bands throughout his High School teen years. Struggling in his early days John worked as a telemarketer selling inflatable boats and toner. He also worked driving cars, making pizzas and sandwiches, as well as spending some time working construction" (Chronological Crue).

Angora was formed in Philadelphia with the band consisting of Corabi on vocals and harmonica, Jimmy Marchiano on lead guitar, Frank Scimeca on bass, and Robert Iezzi on Drums. Most famous out of that city was one band Britny Fox, who had formed in "the summer of 1985 when founder 'Dizzy' Dean Davidson hooked up with ex-Cinderella guitarist Michael Kelly Smith. With the addition of bassist Billy Childs and original drummer Tony 'Stix' Destra, the band was complete (BritnyFoxSite).

In May 1985 John went to Los Angeles to check out the Sunset Strip music scene which was, at that point, the hot center of rock. John recalled, "that was back when like Guns 'N Roses were just playing in clubs and Poison was like the biggest thing. None of these bands had really gotten a record deal yet, but I was just looking around in what they call the Sunset Strip now, just looking at all these people with like big hair and crazy clothes, and it just wasn't happening like that Philadelphia so I came out here and said, 'I need to be here'. I guess that was in May 1986 or something" (UA-WATC). In October 1986 John would move to Los Angeles, with his wife and daughter. Before long, "the rest of his band Angora follow him to Los Angeles, after having won some different awards for best new band in the local club scene. Angora then falls apart due to drug and social problems. Gene Simmons from Kiss was looking at signing Angora at one point, and wanted to change the name to 8-BALL because the guys in the band had 8 balls collectively" (Chronological Crue). The history of the band was not quite as brief as that vignette would suggest. Angora would manage to cut one track, produced by Rob Cavallo at Rock Steady Studios in Hollywood, CA. The track "Shake, Shake" was released on the 1988 Los Angeles' radio station KNAC's unknown artist album "Son Of Pure Rock", the second in their series of releases promoting the lost LA acts. Other notable inclusions on the album included Guy Mann-Dude who would cut a solo album later that year and be involved in the KISS-related "Shocker" soundtrack the following year. After the collapse of the band Frank and Robert would remain in Hollywood while Jimmy returned to Philadelphia and went on to work with LeCompt, then Heaven's Edge in 1991 and then with ex-Britny Fox lead singer Dean Davidson on the unreleased "Just A Taste" demo from 1992. Within a few years Jimmy would be back in LeCompt with ex-Britny Fox drummer Johnny Dee. John recalled the band, "we had a pretty decent following at the time, we did okay. Not that it means anything, but we had won some different awards for best new band in the clubs, they have kind of a club trade paper out here, so we had a pretty decent following. But it was weird, everybody started to fall apart due to their social lives or whatever. My guitar player had a really bad problem with drugs and the bass player wound up doing them too, and the drummer was fighting with his girlfriend... things just fell apart" (UA-WATC). In 1989, John would form the Scream with John Alderette and Bruce Bouillet. Both John and Bruce had previously been in the band Racer X which had built a good following with the release of two studio albums "Street Lethal" (1986) and "Second Heat" (1987). Unfortunately, guitarist Paul Gilbert would leave the band in 1988 to join Mr. Big and was replaced by Chris Arvan, though the rest of the band would soon fragment. Drummer Scott Travis would end up in Judas Priest the following year. Corabi recalled, "we were together about two years. We got signed to Hollywood Records and did that one album and toured for almost a year. It was a great album, great tour, and we had a lot of fun" (UA-WATC).

In February 1992 John joined Motley Crue, replacing the recently fired original vocalist Vince Neil. While an official announcement of John joining the band takes some the summer of 1992, amusingly, sees Vince Neil's first solo release, a song "You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come)", being included on the Encino/California Man OST, which also includes John's last recorded song with The Scream, "Young And Dumb". Finally, in September 1992, John officially signs a contract with the Crue. As part of the agreement, "he is to receive $300,000 for work on the forthcoming album, $5,000 per week plus all expenses whilst on tour, and $2,000 per week at other times. He is also to receive 25% of the publishers and writers' share of all songs composed while he is in the band. The contract states that new negotiations will be drawn up following his first tour with the band" (Chronological Crue). During the previous six months John had co-written numerous songs with the band as they prepared to record their next studio album, tentatively called "Til Death Do Us Part", with Bob Rock.

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