"KISS" Brandon Sun Review, 1974

(Gary Deane, Brandon Sun, 5/74) Kiss -- (Casablanca NB 9001.) Kiss is an American glitter group that plays deliriously hard music but, nevertheless, has a song sense which should win it top 30 time on most AM stations. Hopefully Rick Derringer's commercial success with Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie Koo will have opened up the charts somewhat and bands like Kiss can fill the longstanding vacuum. Kiss follows the standard two guitar-drums-bass format but there is nothing standard about the way they use it. Paul Stanley's rhythm guitar, in particular, is full-chorded, imaginative and gives a real integral strength to the band in the way Mick Taylor has come to play behind the Stones. Ace Frehley, lead, when he does step out, is truly manic and puts together some exciting lines. On the other hand, although the album was produced by Kenny Kerner and Richie Wise, whose former associations include Ann Arbor's psychedelic stormtroopers MC5, Kiss is uncomfortably restrained. One can easily sense that the band has more to give than is present here. Nevertheless a striking debut for a group that is sure to be very big, very soon.