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The Devil Is Me

Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer

Gene's songs such as "The Devil is Me" played on the character he had developed over the decades and even the personality he presented on his "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels" (A&E) television show. He commented, "We're about authenticity. The KISS Army is ruthless. They'd skewer us if we put out records that weren't great. We pushed ourselves on this album, to make not just ourselves but our fans proud. We try to hit a home run every swing we take. If we're going to win, win big" (PR). And perhaps with the titles and subjects being contrived, or in the very least calculated, that was where the authenticity lay. "The Devil is Me" had Sebastian Bach tweeting "It kicks total ass" when Gene played it for him in April 2012. According to Gene, the song "is more confessional; you can keep pointing your fingers at all the evil in the world, but you've got some of it and here's the Lord's decree - the devil is me. Maybe there's a little devil in all of us" (Billboard).

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