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Shout Mercy

Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer

Paul and Tommy combined on "Shout Mercy," the title of which sounds like it would have come from Gene. According to Paul the song had a similar urgency, power, and passion that reminded him of the bands he saw at the Fillmore East during his youth. According to Paul, "I like the passion of it, the pulse of it, the relentlessness. For me there's like a tribal quality. I like it a lot" (Metal-rules). It was another of the songs that he felt could have been the album's opening-track, a sonic declaration of where the album was going. Tommy recalled some of the writing process: "It's interesting writing with Paul and Gene, but I think I wrote more with Paul for whatever reason. Paul and I would get together quite often, and work out song ideas. It's really inspirational for me, because Paul is a guy that has been doing this for a long time. He's very experienced and very smart about his approach to songwriting, and just influences in general. People don't realize it, but Paul and Gene are huge rock fans as well. They love the rock music that they grew up with, and that's still very much a part of what influences them when they're writing. I've learnt a lot from them because a lot of the stuff that they're influenced by was a little before my time. They've turned me on to a lot of great bands from the late 60s that I wasn't privy to because it was before I was aware of what was going on (laughs). I came into music more in the early to mid 70s because I'm a little younger. Learning from them and enjoying a lot of the things that they love has been a great experience. It's just phenomenal" (Billboard).

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