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Paul Stanley, Vini Poncia

"Shandi" has the dubious distinction of being a recording that features only Paul Stanley from KISS' then-lineup. Bass was provided by Tom Harper, Paul's guitar tech on the "Dynasty" tour. According to Tom, "Gene was out of the studio one day and the producer (Vini Poncia) gave me a tape of 'Shandi' and said, 'Go home and learn this, you're playing tomorrow.' Gene heard the track the following day and agreed to let it stay" (Otaku). Keyboards were played by Holly Knight, while, like the rest of the "Unmasked" album, the drums were performed by Anton Fig. Paul, naturally, sang and played all of the guitars.

With the song's title provided by Vini Poncia, Paul wrote the song on a 12-string acoustic guitar looking to write something similar to Bruce Springsteen's "4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)," though no doubt with memories of "Hard Luck Woman"! The song's character changed during the sanitization of Poncia's production. As a result, according to Paul, the production changed the character of the song and it "Seemed to get polished and neutered to a point that I believe took away the heart of the song" (KISS Box Set).

"Shandi" would be the first single off "Unmasked," promoted as "It is unlike any KISS music you've heard yet. This is the tune you'll hear on the beach all summer. It's the kind of song you just can't help singing along with" (PR)! Unfortunately, the single only managed to go top 10 in Australia, New Zealand, and Norway while it essentially bombed in the United States. Other top 40 chartings for the song included Germany and Holland, where the album performed well due to strong promotional work by the band. The song still features strongly in the KISS set during the band's Antipodean appearances. The music video created for "Shandi" would be the band's first to feature some concept rather than pure performance. It would also be Peter's final appearance with the band, strictly for contractual purposes.

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