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Is That You?

Gerrard McMahon

Written by Gerard McMahon in 1979. Gerard's musical history stretched back into the 1970s where he had been the keyboard player on Jimmy Ibbotson's "Nitty Gritty Ibbotson" solo album in 1977. Gerard's manager was looking for a producer and considered Vini Poncia a possibility. As a result, Vini heard several McMahon demos, and liked "Is That You?" enough to take it to KISS for consideration. The band, particularly Paul, loved the song and decided to use it on the album. "Is That You?" was released as a single in several markets, notably Australia and Holland, but it didn't make any impact on the charts. In Australia the single was only on sale for a few short weeks in October 1980, before being deleted, making it one of the rarest singles, along with Gene's "Radioactive," in the Australian KISS catalog.

There were minor changes between Paul and Gerard's versions of this song. Lyrically, "act your age, get back in your cage" became "act your age, get off your stage." A third verse of the original was totally omitted: "Don't like drivin' to the high school / Just for kicks, you crazy chick / I oughta cross you out of my black book / You're out of line, in your own case." Due to the changes, KISS' version ran 3:55 while Gerard's original demo had clocked in at 4:23.

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