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Shot Full of Rock

Ace Frehley, Richie Scarlet

Richie Scarlet's favorite song off the album. One of the notable sonic features on the "Trouble Walkin'" album would be Ace and Richie dueling on guitar. Richie recalled that this probably came about as a result of their seeing Rick Derringer and Johnny Winter doing the same at a concert. Featuring Peter Criss on percussion and backing vocals, this song would be credited to Ace and Richie. Richie would write most of the music for the song after being inspired by the television show "Mission Impossible," but worked with Ace on the lyrics which only took a few hours. Like many of the songs which involve Richie, this track features he and Ace trading solos. Ace plays the first, third and outro solos, while Richie plays the second and forth. He also provides guitar harmony with Ace on the outro.

Ace's input shouldn't be discounted, since he'd demoed part of the song in 1987/8 as "Foxy Lady Revisited." Ace's fixation with Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady" is no surprise with him having played the song live during his solo career on numerous occasions and having recorded the solo for the song on certain extra-KISS projects. Of course, there is also the legendary story of his being an unofficial roadie for drummer Mitch Mitchell, at Jimmy's last show in New York at Randall's Island in 1970 (possibly July 17, 1970), and the influence the guitarist had on so many players during his short career. During the song-writing prior to "Second Sighting," Ace recorded some ideas on tape, including an instumental bearing the riff for this song. The piece would not get used for some time, though it would be developed into "Shot Full Of Rock" on Ace's 1989 solo album. This early demo recording is often alternatively referred to as "Shot Full Of Rock (Instrumental)."

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