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Rocker Room Theme

Mike Kakos, Gordon Gebert

Written by Ace cohort Gordon Gebert and Mike Kakos as the theme music for Gordon's 1988 cable television show for which Gordon was music director. Ace recorded the 0:48 spot in his home studio in Tarrytown with Gordon handling the drum, bass, and keyboard sampling. According to Gordon, "For a thirty second theme song, Ace played some real kick ass leads. You can clearly hear his famous 2 stringed octave bends and quick pull offs on this track" (KISS & Tell, p. 118). This piece of music would be included on Gordon Gebert's "Something Wicked This Way Comes" EP in 1998. According to Gordon, "It was a rock interview/TV cable show that was all over the Tri-stare area and was pretty well known. I was the band leader on the show and I came up with the theme song. I originally recorded and wrote it with this guy Mike Kakos, and then as the show progressed and got bigger I asked Ace if he wanted to re-record the song with me and Ace put a kick-ass lead on it. He did a tremendous job on it. It is very short, only a 30 second clip, but it's new music Ace kicked ass on" (KISS Asylum).

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