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Calling Dr. Love (Remix)

Gene Simmons

Described as a "CD bonus track" on the UK release of the album this song would be 12 seconds shorter than the original album version. While not losing as much as the song had during remixing in 1978 the differences are noticeable. The introduction to the song is shorter than the album version, and while not beginning with the "demonic" sound effects present on the 1978 "remix" a "God Of Thunder" sound effect is added to part of the introduction chords. In the transition between the second and third verses some additional lead guitar is added over the "don't you know it's true" lyric just as was the case with the "Double Platinum" version. Following the guitar solo the second repetition of the chorus is removed. This version is similar, but not quite the same as the 1976 "Radio Single Mix."

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