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Let's Put The X In Sex

Paul Stanley, Desmond Child

This song was one of the last Paul wrote with Desmond Child. Recording of the song was done at Right Track Studios in New York in July 1988 during the band's break from touring. Nearly universally the members of the band do not look back fondly on this track, though Paul has suggested that it was the best that he could come up with at the time.

The single only reached #97 on the US singles charts when released backed with "Calling Dr. Love." It was supported by a Rebecca Blake produced video filmed soon after the band returned from Europe in early October 1988 at "A building owned by Sage Realty" (DS -BD p.214). Dealings with the owner became highly amusing when he sued Rebecca Blake Studios for failing to pay the rent for the video shoot. The publicity worked both ways resulting in the owner of the building being paid and the providing the band with some extra exposure through the silly statements made by the owners in their suit. According to Dale Sherman part of the complaint had detailed, "that the studio had misled him into believing the building was being used for fashion videos and not for a heavy metal band's music video. Perhaps the most bizarre moment in Kaufman's complaint was his comment that the building was used as a phallic symbol" (DS - BD p.214).

It is interesting to note that Bruce Kulick had produced a demo for the Los Angeles band Electric Angels at Amigo Studios in April 1988 for RCA Records. This band included bassist Jonathan Daniels with whom he and Eric Carr would later write material. Another member of the band, also with KISS connections, was guitarist Ryan Roxie who later worked with Eric Singer in Glamnation and Alice Cooper's band. One of the songs on this demo was called "You Put The X In Sex" which provides a tantalizing suggestion of where the idea for the song came from. According to Ryan, "You got to remember that the similarity between the Electric Angel song and the KISS song was only the title. Bruce played the demo for Gene and Paul and Paul liked the title, so he used it in 'Smashes, Thrashes and Hits.' The thing is that you can't copyright the title of a song... But, he just ripped the song title... There's nothing we could do" (rockpages.gr). Then again, it wasn't too far removed from previously attempted titles such as "Dial L For Love."

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