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Carr Jam 1981

Eric Carr, Ace Frehley

While "Carr Jam" was recorded by Ace Frehley and Eric during the "Elder" sessions in 1981 as "Heaven," and was later used by Frehley's Comet as "Breakout." The track included on "Revenge" had a lot of work done to it, not least the removal of Ace (even though he likely wrote the original riffs). Initially Gene tried to develop the instrumental into a song with lyrics and a melody line but, "We never quite finished it. It never came out good enough" (Kerrang #377), and quite simply it wasn't working. He eventually gave up and settled for having Ace's guitar parts removed and replaced by Bruce. According to Gene, "We wanted to have Eric Carr play with us one last time" (KISS Crazy #13). With this track "Revenge" becomes an album to include three drummers. The band worked on this song at the first studio session following Eric Carr's funeral. Bruce used a Les Paul on the track...

Paul recalled the history of the song: "Our producer, Bob Ezrin, was going through our old tapes right when we started work on this album... He came across the great drum solo that Eric had done right after he joined the band. We didn't even know it existed! When we heard it, we figured it had to be incorporated into the album in some way. We figured that song was a fitting way to end an album that's dedicated to Eric Carr's memory" (Hit Parader, 8/92). This comment indicates that neither Gene or Paul had much to do with the original recording of "Heaven," which is quite likely since Ace, Eric, and sometimes Bob were jamming at the time without Gene and Paul. There is a further irony that Eric Carr had wanted the recording during his tenure in the band, but that it would only surface following his death. On the Argentine version of the album (LP/Cass) another minor difference surfaces during the count-in to this song. On the standard version the count goes "two, one, two, three..." On the Argentine version you get a bonus "one" making the count "one, two, one, two, three."

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