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I Just Wanna

Paul Stanley, Vinnie Vincent

The full title of this song was originally "I Just Wanna Forget You" which was eventually shortened. Written by Paul Stanley and Vinnie Vincent this would be one of Paul's favorite songs on the "Revenge" album and would also serve as a radio single and video for promotion of the album. The song was one of the earliest tracks completed and recorded for the album. It would also be one of the first tracks heard by the public. In early April 1992 Los Angeles record station KQLZ-FM caused the ire of KISS' record label by playing an advance copy of "I Just Wanna" nearly a full month before the debut single from the band's album was due to be released. In the case of the debut single, it was intended to be "Unholy" for most markets, not "I Just Wanna."

By April 13, PolyGram had issued a "Cease & Desist" order against the radio station playing the song which was apparently an early mix and not the final album version. This would also be a song to feature Jesse Damon on backing vocals. The opening riff bears more than a passing similarity with Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues." The video for this song was filmed in London, England on May 23, 1992. In the US the single was the first from the album to see any chart action, reaching #34 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks charts.

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