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Every Time I Look At You

Paul Stanley, Bob Ezrin

Irreverently referred to as "The Pussy Song" this was another of Paul's power ballads geared towards radio play in the same way "Forever" had been on the previous studio album. Paul probably wouldn't like the term "power ballad" since that has negative connotations for him: "To me, a power ballad is an up-tempo song that's been slowed down to make it sound like a funeral dirge. We wanted something more down to earth" (Kerrang #392). According to Paul, "When Bob Ezrin and I wrote 'Every Time I Look At You,' we were thrilled by how it turned out. I remember he and I went to Maui for a week to finish the lyrics on all the 'Revenge' songs, and when we came back we had them all virtually finished. After putting the vocal and the strings on 'Every Time I Look At You' we all felt once again as with 'Forever' this was undeniable" (Box Set Liners).

However, such sentiment would be deniable when the single was issued as a promotional radio single and video it would be virtually ignored. This track includes Bruce Kulick on bass. Old Bob Ezrin cohort Dick Wagner also got to play on his second KISS album providing the guitar solo for the song. According to Dick, "I happened to be in Los Angeles at the time they were recording and Paul suggested I play on a track."

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