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Gene Simmons

In some ways "Domino" can be considered a companion track to both "Christine Sixteen" and "Deuce." According to Gene, "This song started out with a bass lick, much as 'Deuce' did. Once I had the meter down, I started writing rhyming words, but without a melody - so it was almost a rap. Then I talked the song through with the lick, and the melody just came naturally. The melody that came to me was the bass lick, so I just shadowed my melody with the lick on guitar" (Guitar World, 8/92).

Gene has also admitted to trying to copy "Deuce" with this track, though the song borrows more than a little from the song "Nasty Nasty" which Gene had written with Tommy Thayer and Jamie St. James for the 1986 self-titled Black 'N' Blue album. It would be the spoken part of the song which would be reminiscent to "Christine Sixteen." Originally demoed by Gene and the band Silent Rage (which included ex-White Tiger drummer Brian Fox) who were signed to his $immons Records, the song would undergo some changes during the recording process. The original first verse went: "Here's an introduction, her name is Domino / Never had confession, if you really wanna know / Ain't the virgin Mary, love her, I confess / Got my hesitations, she kisses like the kiss of death / Loves lots of money, back's against the wall / Calls me 'Sugar Daddy,' 'cause she knows she's got me by the balls."

Bob Ezrin changed the key of the solo so that "It feels like it's got more energy" (Box Set Liners). Gene also played rhythm guitar on the track. Jesse Damon recalled how he got involved songwriting with Gene and his band recording with him: "We demo'd many songs for Gene & Kiss. It started when he was writing for 'Hot In The Shade' CD, and Silent Rage was also in writing mode, so that meant plenty of time in our studio. Gene would come to our studio with new song idea's, and pay us to demo his new idea's. It was a good learning experience! He'd have an idea on tape with him singing or humming the melody line, and playing a guitar riff or guitar part to it, or he'd come in and play it live for us. Then we'd make it into a full band song demo. It continued through to the next album. That's when he approached me, and asked if I would like to song write with him for KISS, of course I said YESSSSSSSSS!" (JG).

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