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Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Scott Van Zen

Apart from being notorious for its use of the Spinal Tap-ish lyric "the bigger the cushion, the better the pushin,'" this song would be Gene's humorous look at what could almost be described as sexual addiction. Gene has taken quite a few hits about the use of that lyric though has defended himself along the lines of, "nothing is sacred! I wasn't aware of it - even though I f**ked Nigel's girlfriend when they were away on tour" (Kerrang #392). According to Gene the song does have a message, "It doesn't say 'look how big my cock is,' it says 'I need a whole lot of women to keep me satisfied.' It's in keeping with rock and roll traditions that go back to Good Golly Miss Molly" (Hit Parader, 8/92).

Written by Gene, Scott Van Zen, and Paul. Scott had written songs with Ken Tamplin prior to his involvement in the KISS camp, many of which had been included on Ken's "Axe To Grind" (1990) album that featured Mark St. John on one track. Additionally, Scott had originally registered the writing of a song with this title, attributed solely to himself, in 1991. This indicates that Gene and Paul may have made some changes, substantial or not, to an existing piece, or simply merged some of Scott's song. However, according to Gene, "I had the basic song written, but Paul felt that it really didn't have a chorus" (Kerrang #392).

More importantly, the song recycled some of the lyrics from Gene's demo with Aerosmith's Joe Perry, "Mongoloid Man," from 1976. Gene at least got away with having Paul sing the Spinal Tap lyric after the song had gone through a dozen, or so, rewrites. The song also introduced Bruce playing part of the "Star Spangled Banner" in his solo, a piece that became Bruce's performance piece during the following tour. According to Bruce, "There was a lyric in it that was something about setting me free, and that was right before the solo, that was the original lyric. So my idea when thinking about the solo, you know Hendrix being someone I've always loved and am really into, so I thought, 'Wow, how about playing the Star Spangled Banner for as second,' and I was really hoping everybody would like the idea - and they did! So even though the lyric changed, so it wasn't set up like before, but I still think it's kinda cool" (KISS Crazy #14).

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