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Take It Off

Paul Stanley, Kane Roberts, Bob Ezrin

Another of the somewhat ironic tracks in the KISS catalog, this song was written with another of Alice Cooper's guitarists, Kane Roberts. Paul called Kane to get together for a song writing session, and it would be there that this song evolved. Like many songs this piece would be refined with input from Bob Ezrin. According to Paul the premise of the song is basic: "'Take It Off' was a song that was started early on in the project. I don't know what the scene is over here right now in the UK, but in America there are these fabulous 'titty bars,' as they're called, and there's some of the most absolutely stunning women in these places. And music plays and they're dancing around without their clothes on. It's quite fun! In some of the places they would strip and dance to songs like 'Heaven's On Fire' or 'Highway to Hell' or 'Lick It Up,' and I just felt that if I could be a part of somebody taking off their clothes, then I'd be doing my job. 'Tough Love' started off as a riff that Bruce had, it was a really good riff and it was just a case of figuring out where it would go and you know, writing the rest of the song around it" (BBC, 1992).

Bob challenged Bruce during the recording of the album to play with far more aggression. According to Bruce, "Our producer pulled a real psychological trick on me when it came time to record my leads. He told me he wanted me to solo from my balls without any pre-planned fancy stuff, and then informed me he didn't think I could do it. I'll tell ya, that got me so mad it lit a huge fire under my ass, which is exactly what he wanted to happen! If you listen you won't hear any two-handed tapping tricks on 'Revenge.' I just found a suitably nasty tone for each solo and then went straight for the throat" (Nick Bowcott, 1992).

On the Argentine version of the album (LP/Cass) the transition between the album's first two songs is different from that on the international versions. On the standard version "Unholy" segues into "Take It Off" during the fade-out. In contrast the "Unholy" completely fades out on the Argentine version and is followed by the usual silence gap before "Take It Off" kicks in. Kevin Valentine played drums on the track while Jesse Damon provides backing vocals. Kevin was initially a prospect to help out on more than just the one track, but Eric had been able to record most of the material. However, it was felt that the drum track on this song was just not good enough and since Eric had to go on tour with Alice the band had Kevin come in and use the same drum kit that Eric had used.

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