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Calling Dr. Love

Gene Simmons

While Gene has suggested that this song started off with him stealing the title of a Three Stooges episode, no such episode exists, though there is the classic "Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard" line. While Gene liked the rhyme in the line "They call me Dr. Love / I've got the cure you're thinking of," it took the amalgamation of several developing demos to create the piece. The verses for the song came primarily from Gene's late 1975 / early 1976 "Bad Bad Lovin'" demo, while part of another demo, "High And Low" (a latter form of this demo), was also used.

The second demo included the verse "And even though I'm full of sin / In the end you'll let me in / You'll let me through, there's nothing you can do / You need my pleasure, don't you know it's true" with that last line being changed to "You need my lovin,' don't you know it's true" for the new song. By the time the song was recorded by KISS, Gene and Paul sang the background vocals in falsetto.

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