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Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?

Joey Ramone

The introduction of the final song: "Whoa yeah! Good people of Melbourne. Things are slowly, slowly coming to an end. We are approaching the finish line. Good people of Melbourne immortalize yourselves on film. Put your hands in the air and let me hear you say 'Yeah'! Now in a crowd like this you never know who's the loudest. So we'll divide it, let's see, right here must be the middle. Right over here's the middle. People over there let me hear you! People over there let me hear you! Who's louder? You? You? You? You? You? It's hard to tell. All together on the count of three: One... Two... Three... Awesome, awesome. With all the trouble in the World right now we need some unity, we need some unification. The thing that can bring us all together, no matter where in the World, is music. It's the international language, and we're gonna play the rock 'n roll national anthem. My microphone needs Viagra! I'm more excited that that, believe me! Gotta get that soldier at attention! So let's Rock 'N Roll All Nite... And Party Every Day!"

Paul ended the show thus: "Have you had a good time tonight? We love you people. Good night! Rock stars, definitely rock stars. Let's hear it for the MSO. What you've gotta remember, the applause at one of their concerts is very nice and polite. And you don't want to be polite, show them what it sounds like at a rock 'n roll concert. The Australian Children's Choir. And Mr. David Campbell, who we couldn't have done this without. And now, let us all take a bow. Good night! Thank you for making this a memorable evening we'll never forget. Thank you!"

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