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Into The Void

Ace Frehley, Karl Cochran

The only song on the "Psycho Circus" album on which Peter Criss would drum. It is also the only track on the album to feature all of the members of the band, though Ace also played some rhythm guitar. Gene has suggested that he and Paul did some work on the song, something that Ace vehemently denied: "I can't fuckin' believe that on 'Into The Void' Gene had the balls to say that he wrote the chorus on that song - Unfucking believable! Unfucking believable... Fuckin' Gene to insinuate that 'Into The Void' wasn't not an enough song that him and Paul Stanley had to rearrange it and make it better. It's one of the best songs on the fuckin' record. And I can fuckin' play you the original demo with different lyrics and it's almost the fuckin' same song" (Ace Bash '02).

However, in an interview with Roger Lotring Ace admitted that Gene had some input, following the rejection of his original "Shakin' Sharp Shooter" demo: "Gene said to me, 'Why don't you rewrite the lyrics and write something about space, about yourself... Y'know, like you're in a black hole, or you're in the void.' I said to myself, 'Yeah, 'Into The Void,' that sounds good'" (Prime Choice). In other words, "Rocket Ride II." Ace also admits other minor assistance with the track: "Everybody's got a little input in it. Paul helped me rearrange the song, musically; Gene came up with the title; Peter played a great drum track. We rehearsed it in just a small rehearsal studio. In the afternoon, we went over to the studio we were tracking in, and we did three or four takes. We ended up keeping the first take, which I loved, because the first take always has spontaneity" (Prime Choice).

Co-writer Karl Cochran has also commented on the song's transformation: "As far as the basic song structure, almost nothing was changed from what Ace and I wrote. I have the original demos that were cut in Ace's studio, and basically it's the same song. Ace just changed the title of the song after the demo was done, which Gene had mentioned to him" (morbid-sounds.de). Even with the changes the song very nearly didn't happen for the album with producer Bruce Fairbairn being unsure that Ace could get the song fixed in time to record it the next day. Ace was still finishing the final verse in the studio as the recording commenced. Once recorded Ace was unhappy with the mix which Bruce did of the song and insisted on remixing the track himself to make the song more raw, with the guitars and drums higher in the mix.

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