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I'm Gonna Love You

Stan Penridge, Peter Criss

"I'm Gonna Love You" was a slight reworking of a song that had originally started out during Peter's partnership with Stan Penridge and Michael Benvenga in the pre-KISS band Lips. While there were minor changes between the 1970/1 demo and the version Peter used on his solo album, the basic essence of the piece remains. Stan performed some guitars, along with session player Art Munson, on the 1978 recording.

Noticeably, a new second verse was written for the song, with the original second verse becoming the third verse with slight lyrical changes: "Sayin' that you need me / Around you all the time (time)" would be changed to, "You know you're gonna find me (gonna find me) / Around you all the time (time)." Naturally, while the original version featured Stan on lead vocals, its folk feel would become more of a Bob Seger-styled song with Peter singing. The new arrangement added some 30 seconds to the song, resulting in a 3:18 piece.

Additional musicians on the recording included Bill Bodine on bass, Bill Cuomo on keyboards, and Tom Saviano arranging the horns. Tom later had then pre-KISS member Vinnie Vincent play on one of his "Heat" albums. Backing vocals would be provided by the Faragher brothers - Davey, Tommy, Danny, and Jimmy - and Maxine Dixon. Interestingly, the Faragher brothers might be considered part of the "Blue-eyed Soul" movement, but had recorded their 1978 album under the production of Vini Poncia. Additionally, Art Munson had been the guitarist (along with one David Wolfert) on that album. One of the band's previous albums had been produced by Kenny Kerner and Richie Wise.

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