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Christine Sixteen

Gene Simmons

"Christine Sixteen" was Gene Simmons' revenge on Paul Stanley for stealing his "Black Diamond" song title in 1974. The song was written in early 1976 in Los Angeles. However, the early form of the song was very different to the more sedate version that was released. Essentially, the lyrics of the song's verses and chorus would be transformed and refined from the masturbatory: "I know what you're doin' / I know what you do with your hands / You like to practice / You're waitin' for the promised lands // Christine Sixteen / Christine, you're young and sleek / Christine, you'll find what you seek // You like them fancy / We musicians come and go / You've got your knickers / Take them off when the lights are low // And / Christine Sixteen, Christine / Magic in your mouth / Christine Sixteen, Christine / North and South."

Gene originally demo'd the song in Los Angeles with Alex and Eddie Van Halen, and the album recording is reported to mimic the work done by the future Van Halen stars. Gene played some rhythm guitar on the studio recording, and the piano part, though Eddie Kramer tried his hand at the part. Gene thought he played it too well and wanted a rougher feel. According to Gene, "As an afterthought, I again suggested putting in a Jerry Lee Lewis style keyboard part with a triad voicing, a simple one-handed pump. Again it was met with some negative comments; but once the keyboard part was put on it felt right. In the second chorus, I don't know why it felt right, but I started talking over it. In a sense the guy sees the girl coming out of school and he's obviously very anxious to have a go at her. After the song was mixed I played a version to Ace who didn't react well to it at all" (Box Set liners). Gene admitted in another interview that he saw "that guy" as himself. Gene also later added the spoken word part of the song which replaced a section of the song: "I know she's full of lovin' / She's got that look in her eye / She's so ripe for the pickin,' yeah / She knows what's on my mind (Got to have her, I don't know why)."

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