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100,000 Years

Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons

This Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley composition was an attempt to create a New York version of the classic English band style from the 1960s, which had influenced both musicians. According to Paul, it is "A warped song about an intergalactic space traveler. To analyze it too deeply leaves me scratching my head, but it's about time travel. It's about space travel and the amount of time one spends going from one galaxy or planet to another and then returns 100,000 years later" (Box Set liners).

While the song may make as much sense lyrically as Gene's "Deuce," it has one of the toughest solos Ace ever created. Even the very technically gifted Bruce Kulick agreed on the difficult aspects of the solo, commenting, "I've always been impressed by that one because I feel it's where Ace made the most of his limited vocabulary. It's a syncopated part that's tough to play on stage" (Guitar World, 9/93).

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