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Cold Gin

Ace Frehley

One of Ace's earliest musical contributions to the group, apart from the sonic signature that helped define the band's overall sound. He wrote this iconic anthem while on the subway going to and from rehearsals at the band's horrible loft. What is clear from the song was that Ace was capable of writing quality material on par with Gene and Paul's level right from the time he joined the band. The irony of the song came from the non-drinking Gene singing it due to Ace's apparent lack of confidence in singing lead at the time. The album version removed nearly a minute of the song's original arrangement, with the second guitar solo being cut and the outro section shortened. This was simply a matter of the song being edited and tightened up. Another difference is Paul's shout following the guitar solo/break section where "whoa yeah!" replaces the original "Whoa! Alright! C'mon!"

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