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Paul Stanley

The third of the core trio of pre-KISS songs that became staples in the KISS catalog and live set. Along with "Deuce" and "Strutter," it was one of the three songs performed while the band was still nominally Wicked Lester at the A&R session for Don Ellis in November 1972. Paul has commented that he wrote the song while he was still in high school, around 1969/70, though it really took form in the interim period between Wicked Lester, with the band attempting it live, and the band's transition into KISS. Paul's inspiration for the song came from "Fire Brigade," a song by Roy Wood's band the Move That song also used similar fire engine sound effects. Similarities in the chorus would be "Get the fire brigade" versus "Get the firehouse," though only the former really makes sense. Ace nailed the guitar solo for the song in one take.

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