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Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons

This second of the pre-KISS and later core songs was written before Peter Criss came into the picture. Like many other "collaborations," Paul borrowed the chord pattern from Gene's earlier "Stanley The Parrot" song and developed a new piece. According to Paul: "Once we picked up the tempo of it and started playing a lot of suspended chords, the song developed a real Stones-y kind of feel" (Box Set liners). Paul saw the lyrics as describing the glam movement of early 1970s New York, along with the strutting style of the song's music. Lyrically, the song is mostly Paul's creation, though Gene added the song's riff to the older original chord structure.

Ace also latter had input on the song: "I wrote those inverted chords, and I think they were a great addition to the song. It's funny, but Paul and I never wrote a song together" (Guitar World #14, 1992). Recorded as a 4:57 demo, the song included musical features, notably the second guitar solo section, that were later removed as the song was further refined into a 3:09 powerhouse on the debut album. The loss of nearly 2 minutes of the song during the transition from demo to album cut, resulted in the ending extended solo and a section of verse music being cut out of the song. This made the song something of an edit, though it was punchier, and if nothing else, more concise. This song was also performed at the Wicked Lester A&R session with Don Ellis in November 1972.

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