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Nowhere To Run

Paul Stanley

One of Paul's favorite songs from "Killers," this track would be the only one of the new tracks solely written by Paul. It also dated to the period prior to the "Elder" sessions where the band were working on harder-edged material. This song sometimes shows up in collector's circles in a mix which segues to "Just A Boy." Unfortunately, that is a fan concoction. According to Paul, "I wrote this one about a woman who was in a relationship she wanted out of, found someone else. But then ran back to what was familiar, safe, and - miserable. I don't remember much about recording it except Gene, Eric, and me doing backup vocals" (FKLL Liners). That woman was one with whom Paul was having an affair, with the song being Paul's "musical letter to her" (Box Set Liners) making the piece very much autobiographical.

Bob Kulick provided the lead guitars and the track would be the only new track recorded with Gene playing bass. By the time KISS entered the Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles in the Spring of 1982 this song was the only complete song the band had. Paul envisaged the song being "much more powerful and with the guitars in grander numbers and volume" (Box Set Liners), which might explain why this was one of the two "Killers" tracks remixed in 1989. The song was also the first "Killers" studio track to receive official release in the United States (when included on the 2001 KISS Box Set). With the exception of "I'm A Legend Tonight," the other tracks from "Killers" have only been released in the US on some promotional issues.
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