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Watchin' You

Gene Simmons

One of only three songs (the others are "Black Diamond" and "Deuce") on the KISS demo that were performed by Kiss at their first ever show at The Coventry on January 30, 1973. Written by Gene Simmons, the song was based on some of the riffs in Jeff Beck's "Rock Me Baby." However, according to Gene, "The riff that introduces the song is really a passing guitar lick I rearranged from 'Mississippi Queen' by Mountain" (Box Set liners). Gene wrote the music for the song first and then added the voyeuristic lyrics with a comic starting line: "Limping as you do / and I'm watchin' you." Peter suggested ending the song with a shouted "watching us" for emphasis.

Recorded at the band's March 1973 demo session the original arrangement runs to 3:52 with little changing when the song was recorded for the "Hotter Than Hell" album in 1974. This was the only song on that demo not used for the debut album. However, it is possible that it was considered for the album, since it appears on some prospective song lists for those recording sessions. It would more than likely have been included in the Bell Sound Studio catalog recordings from September 1973 in rough "live" format. The difference in production qualities between the two circulating versions of the song is more noticeable than the 7-second time difference.

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