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Hotter Than Hell

Paul Stanley

"I was always a big fan of Free, and 'All Right Now' really meant a lot to me," Paul has commented, "It was a perfect song. 'Hotter Than Hell' was basically me re-writing that song. There's nothing wrong with stealing, as long as you do it right - and make sure that you're stealing a diamond, not a piece of glass. All bands start off being fairly derivative, and copying others is the first step toward developing your own style" (Guitar World, 8/92).

Paul described the story of the song: "[It] was written about an encounter with somebody in a bar, and then at the end of the song I didn't know quite how to end it so I came up with this riff that was kind of like a Sabbath, a Black Sabbath kind of riff and we tacked that on" (KISS Konfidential Radio Tapes). The song, even being the title track of the second album, didn't survive for long in the band's set. It was essentially dropped following the European leg of the "Destroyer" tour and only occasionally returned in the years until 1992.

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