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Goin' Blind

Gene Simmons, Steven Coronel

While the song had something of a long history as "Little Lady," being performed live by Rainbow, the "Hotter Than Hell" version of "Goin' Blind" saw lyrical input from Paul Stanley. It was he who came up with the interesting lyric, "I'm 93 and you're 16." There were also some other lyrical modifications, removing the somewhat flakey lyrical section, that can be heard on KISS' 1996 "MTV Unplugged" album. This was another Gene Simmons / Stephen Coronel composition. The older version had been included on Gene's 1970 publishing tape in a 3:25 format. Some lyrics, such as the "Little lady, from the land beneath the sea" line, were dropped for decades before Gene returned to using them. Gene has admitted borrowing parts of Eric Clapton's "Layla" played backwards for part of the chorus while the style of the song demonstrates Gene's Cream influences.

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