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Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley continued as a major contributor to the band's material, writing two songs and co-writing a third for the album. There have been unsubstantiated suggestions that part of this song was based on earlier Molimo material. However, it would seem unlikely, since Ace had joined that band at a late stage and apparently had little to do with the song-writing. The song was given to Gene to sing. He recalled, "Ace pretty much thought out those songs from beginning to end. The riffs, lyrics, the point of view, etc. There was very little rearrangement done, whereas 'Cold Gin' did feature contributions from some of the other guys in the band. But when he brought in 'Parasite,' which was originally called 'Parasite Lady,' we were floored" (KISStory). Ace is rumored to have also played bass on the recording of this song.

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