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Little Caesar

Eric Carr, Gene Simmons, Adam Mitchell

Eric Carr finally got his long-awaited opportunity to sing lead on a studio track. This would be the only song of three Eric brought to the sessions that was released on the album. The song started out as a piece of music written solely by Eric Carr which he had based around the Marvin Gaye R&B recording "Ain't That Peculiar." When he and Bruce Kulick originally demoed that song, they essentially applied a metal interpretation to the piece.

As the song developed it became "No One Messin' With You" with a second batch of lyrics, though it evolved from the original cover version. Lyrically, Eric had assistance from Gene and Adam Mitchell to complete the transformation from cover to demo to original song. According to Eric, "It's basically about me because I'm this little guy that fought his way, and doesn't listen to anybody else, and does what he wants to do. It's basically saying that anybody can do that. It was kind of a nick name I got from Gene" (Dark Light, Spring '90). It was from there that the song got its final title and lyrics.

The recording of the piece featured Eric on vocals, bass, and drums with Bruce playing all of the guitar parts. Gene and Paul were also on the song according to Eric, "It's me and Gene through the whole song. Like in the chorus and stuff. In the middle where I do the rap in there. And then it's me and Paul at the very end" (KISS Neon Glow #1, 1992).

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