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Prisoner Of Love

Gene Simmons, Bruce Kulick

This song would undergo a drastic change of style during its development. According to Bruce, "We originally did a different version, like a more mid-tempo version and I really loved the way that one was - we didn't actually totally finish it. It was done between my house and then we took it into the studio for a little bit and then we just totally switched direction because Gene desperately wanted to make it a shuffle... You wouldn't think it was the same song although it had the same chorus" (KISS Crazy #8). According to Gene the lyrics were the most difficult part of the song to come up with and required a couple of re-writes, "And at one point the songs was called 'Here Comes That Feelin' Again'" (FKLL Liners). Written by Gene Simmons and Bruce Kulick, this song was one of the first to feature Jesse Damon on backing vocals.

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