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Rise To It

Paul Stanley, Bob Halligan, Jr.

Written by Paul Stanley and Bob Halligan, Jr. Bob's writing credits stretched back to his song "(Take These) Chains" being recorded by Judas Priest on their landmark "Screaming For Vengeance" album in 1982. By the late-1980s he was writing with the likes of Michael Bolton and other more mainstream acts. Like Ken Tamplin, with whom KISS later wrote, Bob's personal religious side might seem at odds with some of his co-writing partners: "There was certainly some stuff with questionable social merit. But people didn't really listen to the lyrics. They heard 'Some Heads Are Gonna Roll' and thought about violence. It was really a warning about future holocausts. It was funny. I would do Christian gigs and we really had to soft pedal around the Judas Priest mentions. I would get into some awkward circumstances. People would tell me what a scumbag I was and stuff like that. But that's all over. I'm not someone who believes the intellect is something that should be feared and avoided" (PressOfAtlanticCity).

Paul Stanley plays the slide guitar introduction to the song. This incongruous introduction is highly reminiscent of Cinderella's "Bad Seamstress Blues" intro to "Falling Apart At The Seams" from their 1988 "Long Cold Winter" album. This song was the final single issued in support of "Hot In The Shade," as a so-called "Full Guitar Power Mix" backed with "Silver Spoon." Released in May 1990, the single only reached #81 on the charts, though it did reach #40 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. More important was the video directed by Mark Rezyka. In it Gene and Paul donned make-up for the first time in nearly 8 years causing all sorts of reunion rumors. Even Ace felt that Gene and Paul were "testing the water" (KISS Crazy #6).

Initially planned to be the album's second single the video was filmed on November 21 and 22, 1989 at SIR Studios in Hollywood. Production work on the video was completed on December 18, though the decision had already been made to issue "Forever" as the next single. Two versions of this video also exist. The first has the acoustic slide introduction played while the performance piece of the video is artistically shot in black and white. The second version omits the introduction, like the single edit, and has the band's "live" performance in color. Being described as a "Full Power Guitar Mix" is somewhat misleading since the single version of the song is barely different from the album version. Essentially, the fade out at the end of the song is sharper than on the album version thus shortens the song by nearly 10 seconds. Overall, the levels on the recording are boosted resulting in the guitar, drums, bass, and vocals being crisper. This 3:52 version would be the released as a single in 1990 and would be the final single in support of the "Hot In The Shade" album.

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