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Gene Simmons, Bob Ezrin

Written by Gene and Bob Ezrin, this song sums up the change in the boy as he learns to believe in himself. The 3:52 song includes one verse that has long been seen to be both a dig at Ace's lifestyle and a statement of Gene's personal philosophy: "Don't need to get wasted / It only holds me down / I just need a will of my own / And the balls to stand alone." Interestingly, this was the last song until "Revenge" on which Gene and Paul would share lead vocals.

This song also includes Alan Schwartzberg on drums. According to Paul, "As far as 'I,' it is indeed Alan Schwartzberg on the drums. Alan was a well-known session player in NYC and Bob Ezrin our producer at the time felt Eric was not playing the sound with the feel that Bob felt it needed. One of the rules we have always tried to adhere to when we work with Bob is to give him final say. It avoids ongoing, endless and sometimes unresolved issues" (KISS Online - Paul Speaks). Gene has been somewhat more blunt in his explanation of Alan's involvement suggesting that Eric simply couldn't provide the desired feel so they used Alan. What is interesting is that Eric played the song live on "Fridays," without any problems. Following the end of the song, one of the remaining spoken-word parts closes the album.

Released as a single in some markets as an edit that was also used as the backing track to lip-synched performances. It simply replaces the "the balls to stand alone" lyric with "the guts to stand alone." Nothing earth-shattering, and completely understandable. "I" was released as a single in several markets and managed to reach #24 in Australia. According to Gene it was also a hit in Italy where it was issued with two sleeves, the second commemorating the "San Remo" event, where KISS, as a trio without Ace, would perform a lip-synched version of the song from Studio 54 in New York.

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