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Under The Rose

Eric Carr, Gene Simmons

During the early part of his career with KISS, Eric Carr made an immediate impact adding to the creativity within the band. He had plenty of ideas, but perhaps most importantly a fresh perspective. This song began with him. Eric recalled, "I had all the music exactly the way it is on the album. I then brought it to Gene, and he worked on the lyrics. I think Ezrin was involved in that too, but I don't remember at this point" (Dark Light, Spring '90).

Eric had chosen the song from a list of song titles that dealt with the plot of Gene's embryonic idea. With the challenge the boy-hero faces, the first step was for him to accept his destiny as he appeared before the Order Of The Rose. According to Eric, "It was supposed to be about the chant meetings, the oath that these people take in this ancient 'order.' So I just decided that might be something to work on. A lot of the stuff that I would play on my own when I play guitar kind of had an eerie kind of thing to it. I figured maybe I could handle that. I just went in and I fooled around with stuff. And I brought the finished track, musically, anyway, to Gene. That was it. I had a scratch vocal on it. No words. I could not do lyrics at that time" (KISS Neon Glow #1, 1992).

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