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Dirty Livin'

Stan Penridge, Peter Criss, Vini Poncia

The only song on "Dynasty" on which Peter Criss drums, with the rest of the album being the work of session drummer Anton Fig. "Dirty Livin'" had originally dated to 1972 and was written by Stan Penridge and Peter while they were in their post-Chelsea band Lips. Like the transition from demo to album recording which had affected "Hooligan," this song lost much of it's' funk when recorded by KISS, but would tell some of the story of Peter's youth. In terms of the story presented in the song there are some striking similarities to the story told in the early KISS song "Black Diamond," which Peter had sung.

Lyrically, this similarity is represented by the lyric, "I make my livin' out on the streets," compared with "Out on the street for a living" from "Black Diamond," plus the allusions to "darkness." A couple of other lyrics in the song, "I've gotta get away" and "Mainline out of China is due in tonight" also amusingly include the titles of earlier KISS songs which Peter sung, "Getaway" and "Mainline" respectively. See also "Peter Criss pre-KISS section."

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