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Gene Simmons, Stephen Coronel

While "She" was initially recorded by Wicked Lester, the song dated back to Gene's Bullfrog Bheer band and had been written by him and Stephen Coronel. Steve's input was that he initially came up with the signature riff. Gene then developed the piece into a full song, possibly recycling some earlier lyrical ideas. While the song is not overly complex, Gene recalled, "I remember struggling with 'She.' It was in my mother's basement. I was still going to school and I had this idea for a song. I wanted to call it 'She Walks By Moonlight' because I remember a line in a movie called 'Hondo,' an Indian movie. It was some cowboy; he went up to some big Indian chief and goes, 'I want your daughter.' [The chief said:] 'You may not have my daughter.' [The cowboy said:] 'Why not?' [The chief said:] 'She walks by moonlight.' And that's the first line of the song. I didn't even know what it meant, I just loved the sound of it" (KISS Machine #22).

Later Gene was persuaded to change the tone of the song from "she's no good" to "she's so good," which seems odd considering Gene's later penchant for conquests. This song had been considered for recording on the previous studio album. However, the lack of songs during the "Dressed To Kill" sessions somewhat forced the band to dig into older material, particularly that which the fans could already identify with. The basic essence of the song was allowed to be displayed with the "Wicked" experimentation removed. The song had been a part of the band's live repertoire for so long, surviving when other Lester material had been discarded. Ace made the song his own, borrowing part of the solo from The Doors' "Five To One" for the guitar solo (Sharp, Ken - Goldmine), which is essentially just an Am pentatonic scale. This in turn would be borrowed by Seattle band Pearl Jam for their "Alive" solo. What's worth borrowing once is certainly worth borrowing twice!

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