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Nothing Can Keep Me From You

Diane Warren

Produced by Rob Cavallo. Recorded and mixed by Alan Sides. It was originally intended that KISS, specifically Paul Stanley, would write new material for inclusion on the "Detroit Rock City" movie soundtrack. In December 1998 it was mentioned that Paul would be writing two new songs with Diane Warren, one of which would be the movie's theme song. The other new song was planned to be used over the closing credits. By the time the band performed at the Super Bowl in January 1999 Paul simply confirmed that the new KISS contribution to the album would be limited this song.

In a calculated move, very similar to Aerosmith's massive movie hit, "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing," the song ended up being written solely by Diane Warren. Paul simply requested that she write the band a song to play over the closing credits of the movie. Rob Cavallo, commented in early April, "It is a brand new song. It is so emotional and fantastic and Paul sings so awesome on it. It's amazing. And it rocks. You know, it's in the spirit of 'Beth.' It's in the spirit of these great big power ballads that they can do. So it was really fun to work with them" (MTV). Paul insinuated that the track was the band recording with a 30 piece orchestra, and while the orchestra part is probably right, the band suggestion wasn't.

Bass on the track was performed by Bruce Kulick and drums were by Steve Ferrone from Tom Petty's band. Bruce played a vintage jazz bass that had been rented for him to use on the recording. It was originally planned to film a video in June 1999 to accompany the song, which would be released as a promotional single for the movie and soundtrack. However, these plans never came to fruition.

Part of the obvious reason for the lack of new KISS material on the album was undoubtedly constraints on the schedule of Paul, with all of the press events and other projects in early 1999, not to mention gearing up for the European leg of the tour. However, it is not clear why Paul never wrote material for the project, or why any material he did come up with wasn't used. With the issues affecting the band internally, perhaps he simply couldn't be bothered.

There may also have been creativity issues with Paul just not feeling like writing, or not being able to come up with something which fit the character of the film. Perhaps appropriately, echoing the opinions of many KISS fans, Dave Veitch of the Calgary Sun Record commented on the song in his review of the soundtrack: That the song was, "Possibly the worst song of their career, 'Nothing Can Keep Me From You,' a syrupy Diane Warren power ballad that's better suited to Celine Dion" (Canoe). The strings on the track would be arranged by David Campbell. He was later involved in the band's 2003 symphonic show in Australia and is the father of equally famous musician Beck.

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