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Strutter '78

Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons

This song was allegedly re-recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York City in early 1978. The song was given something of a light disco treatment at the request of Neil Bogart. Interestingly, the re-recording of the song was not something that Ace or Sean Delaney (who was working on the "Double Platinum" project and produced the track) thought was necessary. In addition, attempting to give the song more of a disco feel may be something of a legend, since the single didn't see release as a 12-inch format that was most common for the dance halls. The single didn't chart in the US, but did reach #89 in Australia...

There were really few changes to the song other than it having an additional solo, making the song more similar to the 1973 demo with softer production than the original KISS album version. There have also been allegations that Sean drummed on the track in place of Peter Criss, though these have not been substantiated. According to Paul, "We once re-recorded a song, it was 'Strutter.' And I thought it sucked... It was bullshit. There was no reason to do it, it was pointless because we had no new point of view and no reason to re-cut something that came out so good the first time" (Jeff Schaller, Late Night Magazine).

The difference between the single mix and album version of this recording is noticeable not only in the time lengths of the two versions. The single clocks in at 3:12, some 30 seconds shorter than the "Double Platinum" album version. More markedly, it features a strong echo on the beginning drum section rather than the rather staid sound on the album version. It also only has a single drum intro rather than the double version found on the album. The time differences between the two versions cannot simply be explained by compression, though that certainly does play a part. The first chorus is reduced from three repetitions of "Strutter" to two, saving a few seconds, yet in the middle of the guitar solo there is a call out of "Strutter," unlike on the album version.

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