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Sweet Pain

Gene Simmons

This song has a great deal of notoriety in KISStory due to the guitar solo on the studio track being played by Dick Wagner, even though Dick performed on other songs on the album. Bob felt that the track was an unrealized piece and that the intro riff was not real good "rock" and should not have been used on the song, even though that was how Gene had presented it in demo form. While the song may be the most under-developed piece on the album musically, its short-comings are hidden by the over-all production qualities applied to the recording.

According to Ace, Bob Ezrin replaced his guitar work on the song with Dick's, without his knowledge until he heard the song. Dick recalled, "Bob liked my solo work and he suggested I was the guy he wanted for certain solo sections on a couple songs... So I did my best to make everyone happy." Apparently Dick completely replaced Ace's original solo on this song.

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