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King of the Night Time World

Kim Fowley, Michael Anthony, Paul Stanley, Bob Ezrin

This was yet another track that challenged the band, especially Peter. The song forced the band to play with an unusual 7/8 time change in the center part of the song. This time change caused the band no end of difficulty during the recording, but they would survive by making Peter's drumming part as simple as possible. The song was originally a piece written by Kim Fowley and Mark Anthony, manager and guitarist/vocalist, respectively, in the band The Hollywood Stars. Mark allowed the song to be placed with KISS and the resulting money helped him keep his own band going. This connection with Ezrin had also resulted in the placement of another song with Alice Cooper.

According to Gene the band felt that the song fit them pretty well, though Paul has suggested that there was work done on the song to create the KISS classic. While the Hollywood Stars version is less developed and bombastic than KISS' the basic elements are already present. Where KISS' is cinematic, the original has an undeniable swagger. The rolling drum intro is present. The first verse is essentially the same though the original final line was "far from me and the pleasures that we've got." The chorus is identical. There are only minor differences in the second verse, and the guitar solo doesn't come close to Ace's, though it's stylistically fine for the track. Other minor word changes result in Paul and Bob also being credited on the song with Kim and Mark. Paul used a double neck 1967 Les Paul during the recording of the track, as he had on "Detroit Rock City," playing only one neck with both turned on to get the guitar overtones.

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