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Keep Me Comin'

Paul Stanley, Adam Mitchell

One of the last songs written for the album, this song would be composed by Paul Stanley and Adam Mitchell. This song was one of Eric's favorite tracks on the album because of the massive drums on the track. Adam recalled, "For me, my favorite parts of 'Keep Me Comin' were two things. The other songs for Creatures we had pretty much written and recorded in LA. This one we wrote at Paul's apartment in New York, and we recorded it there (NY). I also remember the drum sound was so great; Eric was just wailing away on those parts. All of the drum sounds on Creatures were great, and Eric was totally into it" (Ron Albanese, KISS Thought Vault #9).

Eric's drumming on the album is strongly etched in Adam's mind: A "Great memory I have of Eric is when we were cutting 'Keep Me Comin'' I think it was. Anyway Eric had his drums set up in what was really just a big storage room off the studio. The echo in there was incredible and I remember him sitting there just wailing away and how good it sounded. Eric was the real deal, for sure and there's hardly a day that I don't think about him. I'm glad I knew him" (Lynn I. Swanger). This song would be performed live at least once, on 12/30/82 in Sioux City, but was quickly dropped from the set (Gooch, Suhs - KISS Alive Forever).

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