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Creatures Of The Night

Paul Stanley, Adam Mitchell

Written by Paul Stanley and Adam Mitchell in Adam's kitchen. The title track exhibits what Paul Stanley wanted the album to deliver with a return to the band's hard-rock roots, with a vengeance. It's not known who played bass on the track, but it wasn't Gene and may have been Mike Porcaro. Steve Ferris played the guitar solo and Adam Mitchell also played some rhythm guitar on the track. Adam recalled, "I played on the actual song 'Creatures Of The Night.' I played in the middle and the end. All kinds of different guitar players played on that. Ace, however, was not one of them even though his face is on the cover. Anyway we just kind of hit it off. Paul and I were both single at the time so we started hanging out a lot."

Adam Mitchell's connection with KISS resulted from him having a prior relationship with producer Michael James Jackson. Michael had heard Adam recording solo material in Los Angeles in 1979/80 and had liked the material enough to keep in mind. Adam had also written with Vincent Cusano in 1980/1... According to Adam, "Gene came over to my house in Hollywood and we wrote a couple of songs that turned out pretty well although they didn't end up on the first record but Paul liked them and he came over next and I began writing with him." (Lynn's KISS Dominion). In another interview Adam has commented that the first songs with Gene were pretty experimental and odd.

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