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I Confess

Gene Simmons, Ken Tamplin

Co-written by Gene Simmons and Ken Tamplin, this piece would be an odd collaboration, to some, dating from the summer of 1994. While Ken and Gene would work on several songs, this would be the only one to make it on to the album. It is ironic that the "Demon" would collaborate with Ken, better known as a former member of the Christian rock band Joshua and a solo artist in his own right. Ken explains how he got involved with Gene: "Gene heard a demo Scott and I made through an engineer at A&M Records that Scott knew. So it was thanks to Scott for that hook up even though I had met Gene a year prior with Lanny Cordola, as Gene wanted to sign the Magdallan record to his Simmons Records label of which we declined" (JG).

Regardless, the collaboration would work to provide an interesting piece. Ken recalled, "Gene is a business man and like any good business man, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. That's all part of life. Hey, I got to write and hang out with one of the greatest rock bands in the world. Another great feather in the cap of life" (RockUnited). Ken has also commented about Gene, "He is a hard person to crack the shell because I'm not sure if there is anything underneath except greed and a lust for power" (kentamplin.com).

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