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In My Head

Gene Simmons, Scott Van Zen, Jamie St. James

"In My Head," one of the oddest songs on "Carnival Of Souls," started out life in December 1994/January 1995 as a Gene Simmons song idea called "Nest Of Termites." With input from Scott Van Zen and Jamie St. James the song moved away from its strange surreal beginnings: "Plastic waters painted red / In my head, in my head / No one's here / In my head, in my head // I'm obnoxious / Cardboard boxes filled with hate / In my head... // Experimenting with myself / In my head, get out of my head / I don't eat what I don't like / Till I've had my fill, had my fill /In my head, in my head // I don't kill what I don't eat / I died before I was born / I take the law into my own hands / In my head, in my head // Looking through my rear view / In my head, in my head // Nest of termites // Anal retentive / Antiseptic flowing through my veins / In my head, in my head." Several elements remained from the original Simmons' idea, but a tremendous amount of work would be done on the arrangement of the song.

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